Midnight Monster Movie Mayhem

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Capt. Kevin's alter ego...Capt. Creepy!

That's right! Capt. Kevin has an alter ego...CAPT. CREEPY! He's had a love affair with classic Horror/Sci-fi forever and decided it was time to share this passion with the world! Midnight Monster Movie Mayhem was created to do just that! 

Think back to the days of lore when Late Night TV had scary hosts that introduced cheesy B-movies that would that would give you nightmares for days! Well...that's what Capt. Kevin has tried to bring back!

The cast of freaks includes:

Capt. Kevin as Capt. Creepy

Cindy Burchfield as Mrs. Creepy

and Rugair as The World's Only Captive Gargoyle

Please check it out on YouTube at lostinalaskatv