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Here's the goods!

Capt. Kevin's books and music are all available at or by email request! 

Gone Missing

Strange beasts...strange places...strange folks!

Sleeps with the Fishes

What happens when the captain hooks up with the mob!


Fun times hunting witches in Juneau!

Full Moon Over Juneau

Werewolves of Juneau!

The Great Alaskan Adventure...with Zombies!

Zombies run amuck in Juneau!


Rockabilly/Surfabilly to Rock your day!

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Surf Rock for Today!

Surf Monster

The captain rockin' out!

More from Capt. Kevin & the Wolf Eels

Modern surf guitar rock!

Capt. Kevin and the Wolf Eels

Cool Surf Guitar Rock tunes!